On Episode 156 of the Doc and Jock Podcast we sit down with Julien Pineau of StrongFit Movement. If you aren't familiar with Julien, he's a strength and conditioning coach that is popular in the CrossFit community for his work with Valerie Voboril and Team Invictus.

Julien has a phenomenally varied history as an athlete, competing at a high level in swimming, mixed-martial arts and strongman, among other sports. Julien has created a niche in training with strongman methodologies, but he will be the first to correct you if you assume he is a “strongman coach”; he is a movement specialist first and foremost, and with that knowledge he has helped many athletes from strongman to golf achieve their goals.

Here is a list of subjects covered on Episode 156 with Julien Pineau

•Why Intensity is the most important piece of training
•How to train with intensity without risking injury
•The perception of pain
•The WES Method
•How to develop muscle tissue without having to involve high skill movement
•Why increasing blood flow in muscle tissue is incredible important
•Why form follows function
•How to properly define movement