Anton Jefferson of O-Lifts talks Weightlifting with Coach Joe.  Currently Anton wears multiple hats.  He makes his living teaching applications of speed and power to the trainers of Pure Fitness in Hong Kong - Asia’s largest fitness brand.

Anton also feeds his passion for the sport of Weightlifting as a competitor, coach and writer.

As the creative mind behind the development of O-Lift Magazine Anton and is also focused on bringing exposure to American Weightlifting.  In the near future O-Lift will be shifting gears away from print media and focusing the efforts of the talented, and Weightlifting minded O-Lift staff on programming, blogging, and podcasting.

This is a fun talk between two guys interested in Weightlifting.  If you are interested in joining this chat feel free to do so below in the comment section.

Anton Jefferson, Publisher of OLIFT Magazine. Anton was a collegiate middle-distance runner, and now he’s a weightlifter and a coach. Anton is living and working in Hong Kong as a full time weightlifting coach, and he’s passionate about promoting Olympic weightlifting to the world!

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0:00 - 5:01

Meet Anton Jefferson and hear what opportunity caused him to turn a job offer from google down.

5:02 - 8:46

Tips and tricks on moving to a new country from a guy who moved from Chicago to Hong Kong.

8:47 - 11:45

Working with American Weightlifting legend Cheryl Haworth.

11:46 - 13:30

The importance of chemistry in the athlete coach relationship.

13:31 - 19:27

Anton discusses his experience as a new guy, in a new land, coaching a new sport.

19:28 - 22:09

As a Weightlifting coach, what does Anton notice about athletes as potential Weightlifters.

22:10 - 28:21

Hero effect and young talent moving the Weightlifting meter in Hong Kong and Olympic predictions for CJ Cummings.

28:22 - 33:15

Walking the line and building a strength base with the youth Weightlifter.

33:16 - 36:30

What is the low hanging fruit for the newbie to Weightlifting.

36:31 - 41:49

The rule changes instituted by USAW regarding the American Open and general competition.

41:50 - 46:11

Is the CrossFit effect as strong in Hong Kong as it has been in the US.

46:12 - 54:49

The O’Lift project. Anton discuss exclusive and breaking information regarding the move away from print media and into blogging, programming, and podcasting.

54:50 - 58:00

Women move the meter in all aspects of life, including training and Weightlifting. Anton and Joe discuss the females in Weightlifting.

f58:01 - 60:17

Has USAW noticed O-Lifts effort to bring exposure to the sport of Weightlifting.


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