This release features a chat about blood analytics with Mike Tarnapoll of InsideTracker. In this episode we discuss why blood testing is important, what tests you should consider, and how to apply the information from blood testing to improve your nutrition and fitness.


0:00 - 4:23

Mike discusses his training background and how he fell into CrossFit and blood analytics.

4:24 - 6:54

Why should folks have blood analytics tests.

6:55 - 9:55

What markers are typically deficient in most CrossFit athletes.

9:56 - 12:55

Why and how CrossFit athletes should consider adding oatmeal to their diet.

12:56 - 18:20

Classic biomarkers folks should have tested.

18:21 - 23:29

What should folks do with the results from a blood analysis.

23:30 - 27:29

Managing insurance protocols to obtain objective blood data and how often you should test.

27:30 - 34:37

What is your inner age?

34:38 - 36:30

The surprises that can be associated with blood analytics?

36:31 - 39:43

Utilizing subjective data from the athlete to develop the full picture.

39:44 - 41:13

Reaching out to Mike and where to learn more about InsideTracker.


Are there any trends that point one group of folks being more resilient than others.