You’re breathing anyway, so why not be better at it! It’s really the most fundamental element of your physical existence.

On this Friday Short Coach Joe catches up with Rob Wilson. Rob is a Mobility Wod staffer, Co Owns CrossFit Virginia Beach with his snake charming wife, and is currently working on a collaboration with Brian MacKenzie on breathing. Sit back, pull out a notebook and grab the basics on breathing.

In this short you will learn:

  • How Brian and Rob hooked up and began developing Art of Breath

  • Why breathing is so paramount to performance.

  • The function of the Autonomic Nervous System and its two parts; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

  • What is the low hanging fruit for most dysfunctional breathers.

  • Position equals strength in all we do, even breathing.

  • What will this course look like in the group setting.

If we have wet your whistle and raised your curiosity, wait we have more.  Below you’ll find a few links to investigate the curious habit of breathing, a few social media post from Brian and Rob on breathing, and Rob’s email address if your into contacting him the old fashion way!  Lastly gang, be on the lookout for a future talk with the entire gang, Danny, Joe, Brian and Rob about the Art of Breath!

Check out the Power Speed Endurance webpage for more info on an Art of Breath course coming to a gym near you.

Also be sure to reach out and follow Rob and Brain as they are both putting out great info on their social sites

Rob - @preparetoperform

Rob’s email -

Brian - @iamunscared

Breath to manage the cold

Breathing in the bottom of a dip

Breathing while in Extension