Doc Danny takes this Friday short to hook you up with five holiday gift ideas.  

1. Get a VooDoo Band now! Guys the Voodoo band is a great stocking stuffer.  Whether you have just sprained your ankle or have hot elbows and knees the Voodoo band has been proven to alleviate all kinds of pain.

2. We love Jill Millers Yoga Tune Up Balls!   Her self treatment gear is top notch and proven to help the masses.

3. A Mobility WOD Pro subscription.  Gang this is the gift that keeps on giving.  If you are feeling pretty good but want to stay ahead of the self maintenance game there isn’t a better resource for daily programming and ongoing education.

4. Inside Tracker is a great resource to check out your bio markers.  Gang if you are data driven and need a number to make a change Inside Tracker has this great inner age test that will get you to take notice of what you put in your body.  Not only do they interpret your bio markers but they also will work with you to develop a plan to make a change.

Learn more by checking out Inside tracker, save more by using discount code ATHLETESPOTENTIAL to save 10% at checkout, and if you need a little more info look out for an up and coming release with Mike Tarnapoll.

5. The Performa Sleep Mattress is legit.  Doc Danny and Coach Joe both sleep comfortably on this great product.  We have talked about their mattress at length for a long time.  This truly is the gift that keep on giving.  There is no better way to dial in your life than dialing in your sleep!  No mattress will dial in the sleep for the athletic body like the Performa Sleep Mattress.  You can use discount code Jock75 to save $75.00 but we recommend punching code WINTER100 before the end of the year to save $100.00.        

Learn more about the mattress by visiting and listening to our interview with CEO Jonathon Maxwell.