In E#67 Coach Joe provides a 3 prong attack, here is the general overview with some links to videos.

Start at the joint: Often times we spend too much time in elbow flexion (driving, mouse..etc) and a little OG banded distraction (using a pull-up band to to create a better relationship between the joining of the humerus, ulna and radius) can clear some space up at the joint, help us move better and get rid of the pain. Check out a video from Doc Danny on how to distract your elbow here
Forearm Smash: Coach Joe recommends Jill Miller’s bad ass Yoga Tune-Up ball to do some self massage and trigger point therapy work in the forearm. The basics here are get a ball, put it on a surface and get some weight on it and laterly grind through the fascial layers. If you don’t know how to smash go to and watch show sponsor Kelly Starrett teach you how. Check out a Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up ball here
Blood Flow Restriction Training: This sounds sketchy, but by using a voodoo band with a 50% stretch + 50% overlay we cut off som circulation to the forearm and do some light wrist curls to help develop stronger muscle tissue. If you think this is outrageous then cruise over to an up coming podcast guest Johnny Owens’ web site to hear more and see how guys life Jadaveon Clowney is using it to recover from surgery.
Thanks again for the questions and keep them coming via the iTunes review!

Doc & Jock