I Was Conceived In The Bathroom Of A Denny’s Episode 54
Danny & Joe Visits With The Fittest Man On Earth: Ben Smith
Episode at a Glance
In Episode 54 the Doc (Danny Matta) and Jock (Joe Szymanek) sit down for a conversation with the current Fittest Man In The World, Ben Smith. The fellas talk about Ben’s programming, how the 2015 CrossFit Games held up to years past, jerking off dudes for charity and of course how Coach Joe was conceived in a bathroom.
Quick Show Guide
[0:00] – [4:30] Show Intro
Joe runs down the topics that will be covered in Episode 54 and throws a few shout outs to the sponsors.
[4:36] – [7:21]
We get to meet Ben Smith the current Fittest Man On The Planet. Ben fills us in on how he transitioned from baseball to CrossFit, his dad deadlifting 500 lbs. and how his brothers are probably both better CrossFitters than he is.
Joe talks about conception, which will turn you off from eating Denny’s FOREVER.
Ben Smith has always been known as a family guy, here he talks about how his family makes it possible for him to do what he does.
Ben fills us in on how baseball shaped him as a CrossFitter which leads the fellas into a bigger discussion on how kids are over specializing for sports. Your kid isn’t the next Cy Young, so let him be a kid and try all of the sports.
Here’s the secret sauce! Ben breaks down all of the intricate details of his programming…meso cycles, metabolic pathway training timelines and what you should prioritize if you want to win the CrossFit games.
The guys stop for a quick HATER-ADE break.
Ben fills us in on what a normal training session is like for him and Danny prys to figure out what he does to help prioritize recovery (homie is always trying to get a new client).
We find out how important family is to Ben Smith’s success and how all of them are working together to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
Joe ruins the charity talk by talking about jerking off dudes.
How hard were the 2015 CrossFit Games? What do you do with all that cash? Danny thinks Ben invests in a IRA and Joe is positive that he bought a sports car. Ben also tells us which other popular CrossFit competitor is a giant asshole, unfortunately the answer is not what you want to hear.
Danny engages Ben about how pushing human performance and recovery go hand in hand. Both of them contemplate the 5, 10 and 15 year outcomes of being a CrossFit games competitor.
Ben answers some rapid fire Q&A. What was life like as a military brat? What should a up and comer prioritize if they are looking to compete in CrossFit? What is that hidden skeleton no one knows about Ben? Find out the answers to those questions here.
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