The More I Learn, The Less I F’ing Know. Episode 52
CrossFit Coaching Stud Ben Benson Drops In To Talk Competitive Fitness, His Life Direction and lots of other deep shit.
Episode at a Glance
In Episode 52 the Doc (Danny Matta) and Jock (Joe Szymanek) sit down with Ben Benson, who is the owner of CrossFit Terminus, coach to Emily Bridgers and the founder of the Squat Mafia which is his competitive fitness training program. You’d probably expect this episode to be your typical interview with a high level coach a couple weeks before the Open: programming, mental preparation..etc, however it’s totally the opposite. In this episode Ben, Danny and Joe dive into some pretty deep issues: like “Where do I stand on Competitive Fitness” “Where do I stand on CrossFit” “The dogma of CrossFit” and “What the hell happened at the 2015 CrossFit Games.” If you are looking for some hot tips on how to get to regionals this isn’t going to be the podcast for you. If you are looking to get a glimpse into a very real conversation that tons of high level coaches and athletes are having within the competitive fitness community, than block out the next hour off your life and prepare to have your mind blown.
Ben Benson’s Biography
Instagram: @thebenbenson
Head coach, programmer, co-owner, athlete at CrossFit Terminus.  Ben Benson was a former climber, mountain biker, and outdoor adventure lover. He traveled the world with ice climbing, but eventually determined that long climbing trips didn’t fit into a normal lifestyle. He found CrossFit in 2007 and instantly became hooked, loving the idea of functional, measurable fitness that was able to be done in a short time domain. He has now coached CrossFit as a full time profession for over 7 years. Ben has also completed the CrossFit Movement and Mobility, Gymnastics, Basic Barbell, Endurance, Science of Exercise, and CrossFit Kids certification courses.
Ben appreciates quality of movement and holds his clients to the highest standard. Ben likes class structure and may seem rigid at first, but if you stick with him, he has a huge heart and is always concerned with how to better his athletes through exercise and lifestyle changes. With his tattoo flare, balanced with his perfect hair, you won’t miss this one of a kind coach when you walk into the gym! In the past Ben has coached/ programmed for a Georgia State, American and World Record holding powerlifter.
Ben has coached and programmed for multiple athletes during the 2015 CrossFit Games season, with a team (Team Terminus) and individual (Emily Bridgers) winning the 1st annual Atlantic region. He has been Emily’s coach for the past 5 years and together they celebrated a 6th place finish at the 2014 CrossFit Games, as well as an additional appearance at the 2015 CrossFit Games.  Additionally, Ben began coaching and programming for Stacie Tovar and Becca Voigt  through Regionals for their 6th and 8th CrossFit Games appearances respectively.
Quick Show Guide
[0:00] – [3:52] Show Intro
Danny intro’s coach Ben Benson and gives our sponsors some shutouts.
Ben Benson details his background in climbing and mountain biking and tells us how one move on the side of icey rock changed his life forever and how that eventually led him into the world of fitness.
Danny and Ben get into a deep conversation on what it takes to be a competitive fitness athlete and is it really worth it. The conversation hits some interesting topics including the addiction to volume, and how competitive fitness is not CrossFit, as well as is the competitors lifestyle really what you want.  
Danny talks about the long term effects of competitive fitness from a Physio-Coach perspective.
Ben Benson talks about Emily’s 2015 CrossFit gam...