Episode 47 Greg Everett discusses the Sport of Weightlifting
[0:00] – [3:46]
Greg’s origin story
[3:47] – [10:38]
The business model at Catalyst Athletics.
[10:39] – [18:15]
How can a Weightlifting hopefuls sift through the Facebook coaches and find a quality Coach?

* http://www.olystats.com/

[19:44] – [23:56]
Old school verse new school and the cultural shift in coaching taking place amidst the social media movement.
[23:57] – [28:15]
Open source Weightlifting programming provided by Catalyst Athletics.
[29:05] – [36:06]
Denying access to the inner circle at Catalyst Athletics and preserving the Weightlifting cultural.
[36:37] –  [39:56]
Is Weightlifting a good sport for folks to do long term?

* http://www.catalystathletics.com/article/1867/Are-You-an-Athlete-or-an-Exerciser/

[42:00] – [44:45]
Is experiencing an international Weightlifting perspective important to grow as a coach and athlete.
[44:46] – [55:05]
Starting age as a leading indicator of international Weightlifting success, international Weightlifting, and US Weightlifting prospects.
[55:20] – [59:48]
Why does Greg continue train Weightlifting, his positive spin on a severe shoulder injury and rehab.
Where to find Greg, what new at Catalyst Athletics and future seminar dates.
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* http://www.catalystathletics.com/article/1867/Are-You-an-Athlete-or-an-Exerciser/

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