Zach’s Bio
This Wednesday on the Doc and Jock Podcast we talk with Underground Strength Coach Zach Even – Esh.  Zach Even – Esh is The Founder of The Underground Strength Gym (Edison & Manasquan), Creator of The Underground Strength Coach Certification & Author of the Best Seller, The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning.  Zach is also The Strength & Conditioning Coach for The Lehigh University Wrestling Team, holds a BA in Health & Physical Education from Kean University, an MA in Health Education from Montclair State University.
Who is Zach and the genesis of the Underground Strength movement.
Zach describes his online mastermind.
Zach describes where his confidence come from.
Ethics in the business of training.
What the fuck is happening to men?
Building leaders.
Zach and Joe talk public school.
The best way to reach out to Zach and get involved with his programs.
Zach talks about his current reading list.
Check out these links to Zach’s content.
The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning-—Life–Using/dp/0938045628/ref=la_B00LA6RTA2_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1422889434&sr=1-1
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Gym Locations and Live Coaching –
Certification –
Membership Site –
Check out the great books mentioned by Zach
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