Episode 41: Kirk Parsley Discusses Sleep and Performance
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Doc Parsley introduces himself and discusses how his experiences working in and with Navy Seals led him down the path of sleep and performance and his belief that there isn’t a single health marker that sleep does not positively effect.
Kirk describes why he believes there is push back regarding sleep therapies.  For Doc Parsley the biggest battle is convincing folks that losing 2 hours of sleep means the loss of 2 hours of productivity.
Are we close to establishing a piece of objective data that would help make the value of sleep easier for folks to understand?
Danny discusses how blood his blood panels were drastically improved by a three week sleep intervention and asks Dr. Parsley which panels folks should look to have tested outside of those standard with a yearly physical.  According to Doc Parsley to some degree it doesn’t matter because no matter what the metric better sleep will positively affect the panel.
After blacking out the room and avoiding electricity in your room what recommendations would Kirk Parsley make in terms of sleep hygiene?  Kirk’s recommendations aren’t so different than those you might prescribe an infant.  It comes down to establishing a routine to calm the mind, blocking blue light, and keeping a cool room.
Kirk describes what he might prescribe as a general morning routine.
What is causes folks to wake in the middle of the night? It comes down to three main reasons according to Kirk; poor nutrition, over stimulation, and great sleep health.
Kirk gives us some details regarding his supplement, Doc Parsley’s Sleep Cocktails.
Kirk Parsley describes that clinical research he did with Navy Seals to develop the specific formula for his Sleep Cocktail supplement and two trials that are currently underway.
Where you can find Dr. Kirk Parsley and some quick answer questions.
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