Creatine Monohydrate is King, N.O. products are debunked,  Magnesium and Zinc Supplementation are Cleared Up,  Plant based Multivitamins are Hocus Pokus, and PED’s in CrossFit.
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Small Talk
Anthony Discusses his vendor experience at the 2015 CrossFit Games, the shoe wars between Reebok and Nike and how the increased TV coverage may be effecting live attendance.
There have been many different types of creatine to enter the market since EAS first introduced it to the sport supplement market.  Anthony lays out his recommendations.  As far as the research goes, creatine monohydrate is king.
Anthony provides some key advice for anyone taking supplements to find the products that work best.  The key is simply being a good consumer.  Simply ask the companies for the head to head independent research regarding their products.  The key is getting off the message boards, avoiding bro science and reading independent comparative research.
For folks adding creatine to their regime, dosage and timing are important.  Anthony clears up the difference between loading and maintenance phases and what his research has shown to be the best way to adminster creatine loading.
The key to effectively taking creatine monohydrate is dissolving it in hot water, doing so illuminates bloating and GI distress.
Anthony discusses why taking creatine as a pre workout is a complete waste of time. Creatine is not caffeine.  It takes days and time to work.
Anthony continues to discuss creatine and lays out the dosage and timing recommendations that his research has shown to be best.  To increase creatine transport into the muscle the key is taking it every 5-6 hours with either 75 grams of carbohydrate, or 50 grams of carbohydrate and 50 grams and protein.
Anthony discusses, actually debunks, N.O. products and their use in pre work outs.  According to Anthony, most of the N.O. products on the market utilize stimulants to mimic a pump, and he is not convinced any of these products do anything to increase muscle blood flow.  Anthony suggests that you go to your supplement store and ask for N.O. products that aren’t laced with stimulants – good luck getting results.
The best evidence to leverage the Nitric Oxide path is via beet root juice.  Neo elite is an interesting company developing products and have interesting data regarding beets and performance.
Danny asks what Anthony’s take is regarding Magnesium and Zinc.
Multivitamins are discussed.  According to Anthony they always need to be discussed in relation to the athlete’s diet. There is also no head to head independent research to show that plant based multivitamins are any better into cells than their synthetic counter parts.
VitargoS2, head to head against multi dextrose is the faster into muscles.
What are muscle biopsy studies and what are the complications.
Anthony discusses the use of PED’s in the CrossFit Games and Elite Performers in the CrossFit Community.  According to Anthony up to 40% of the Elite Athletes participating at the Games, at some point in their training year, had taken some form of PED.
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