Dispatches from the Multiverse

Dispatches from the Multiverse

Latest Episodes

Episode 65: NO NOSES!
August 13, 2019

Max drops in on Wilson and his lab partner in the middle of a groundbreaking experiment.

Episode 64: Welcome to the library
August 06, 2019

Wilson gives Max a tour of his library.

Episode 63: Famous Nutritionist
July 30, 2019

Wilson believes that Max is a temp sent to assist with the production of a cooking show with a celebrity chef.

Episode 62: Squirrel Delivery
July 23, 2019

Max helps Wilson solve a little problem with a unique delivery system gone awry.

Episode 61: Player 3, welcome
July 16, 2019

Max must work together with Wilson and another player to succeed at a series of unusual challenges.

Episode 60: This is Nowhereland
July 09, 2019

Wilson and his tiny companion bring Max along to help them with their mission, but Max isn't so sure he wants to help…

Episode 59: Your Little Pony
July 02, 2019

Max is unexpectedly roped into an important presentation with Wilson at Seattle City Hall.

Episode 58: You’re the new guy, right?
June 25, 2019

Wilson shows Max the ropes as a new Amazon customer service agent.

Episode 57: The Quantum Jacuzzi
June 18, 2019

Max's weekly visit to a new parallel dimension runs into an unexpected snag.

Episode 56: Do you know Rudolph?
June 11, 2019

Max tries to fill in as a veterinary assistant to Wilson as he treats an unusual problem.