Welcome to our latest podcast episode.  as always the topics we discuss are wide and varied.  This time we have an interview with a young woman in the United States who has bi-polar disorder and also suffers from Aspergers.  Yet, with all these challenges she blogs actively as 'Beautifully Bipolar'  (https://notmydisabilities.com/)  which I do recommend you read.  She also writes  @defyingshadows (https://twitter.com/DefyingShadows) which is another recommended link



In our innovation section of the show we take a look at a cute mobility scooter produced by e-foldi (http://www.efoldi.com)in the UK.  The scooter was one of the highlights of the recent NAIDEX show in Birmingham and I was really pleased to interview the charming Sumi Wang who is the founder of the company.

Last, but by no means least, we welcome back Robin Wilson-Beattie our 'Sexpert' from the USA who has been AWOL for the last month exploring her exciting new relationship.  Freshly invigorated, Robin brings us up to speed on how to communicate with your new partner especially if you are disabled dating a non-disabled partner.

Robin knows more about 'Sex-Tech' than anyone else I have met and she loves to explore ways in which sex toys can be used to increase pleasure for the disabled.  Robin is also very happy to answer any questions that you might have an these topics.  You can contact her through us or on twitter @sexabled.