Welcome to 2016. Our latest episode of the disabilitymatch podcast has a range of exciting interviews to get the new year off to a good start.  We meet Sib who is a budding film maker and disability campaigner.  Sib has Autism but he certainly hasn't let that stand in his way.  To find out more about Sib you can visit his Film2240 website (http://asff1988.wix.com/film2240) or follow him on Twitter @Film2240.  This is a video that Sib has produced about disability issues.

We welcome Rob Lott, head of communications from the Calvert Trust in Exmoor who tells us about the work of his charity and as you can see from their video they have an extraordinary range of  activities for the disabled community.  If you want to book a holiday you need to call them on 01598 763221 so they can discuss your exact holiday dreams and practical requirements.  They are a charity and we hope you will give them your fullest support - they are doing an amazing job.

Finally, we have Robin who has been talking at  the AVN (adult show) in Las Vegas and demonstrating how disabled people can fully enjoy their sex lives.  Robin is an inspirational voice in the field of disabled sex education and we are fortunate to have her on our show. Today she talks to us about 'disability porn'.


Don't forget, Valentine's day is coming up soon and there is still time to find the love of your life at the disabilitymatch website (http://www.disabilitymatch.co.uk/registration) and it is absolutely free to register and browse the profiles.