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Digital Bonfire

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Episode 27: Cricket
June 01, 2019

Sometimes, life is like a sitcom. Things that shouldn’t happen, do happen. Sometimes, you don’t get that girl. Sometimes, you can’t have the relationships with others that you want. And sometimes, just sometimes, you raise a frog baby.

Episode 26: Chekhov’s Gun
May 25, 2019

It’s finally over. Today, we lay our beloved Game of Thrones to rest, while also talking about Star Wars, Avengers, and interesting literary devices in general. Plus, the most interesting topic of all… audio problems!

Episode 25: The Great Expansion
May 18, 2019

As we progress further, our minds turn outward, towards an inevitable expansion of ideas and expression of our future plans. We also take some introspective looks at ourselves and what it takes to truly find satisfaction in this crazy world.

Episode 24: Ununrolicaly
May 11, 2019

Now, a somber podcast about loss, anger, disappointment, fear, and betrayal… Then AFTER we’re done talking about Game of Thrones, we’ll move on to more family friendly topics likes Ziek not being good enough for his girlfriend and Derek having a stroke...

Episode 23: Mederohsekshual
May 04, 2019

What happens when you combine a metrosexual, a man unloved by his parents, a bearded soap drinker, and a woman unfortunate enough to know them? A deep discussion on sociopolitical themes… plus cringe and nerd boners.

Episode 22: Penis Inspection Day
April 06, 2019

Whether it’s penis inspection, accidental ejaculations, or tier listing food products, there’s no ground we won’t tread in this 4-man celebration of idiocy!

Episode 21: Drinking Soap
April 02, 2019

For the first time in HISTORY, your boys Ziek and Derek got a female presence on the show! In this weeks episode, you get to meet Ziek’s new girlfriend, Alice! Other topics include coming out, jokes gone too far,

Episode 20: Star-Lord and Tony Stark
March 19, 2019

This one gets a little deep and probably a tiny bit controversial what with the various trials and documentaries coming out… But fuck it! We’re still going to talk about it! Join us as we become Star-Lord and Tony Stark to talk about our relationships,...

Episode 19: Season 8 HYPE!
March 12, 2019

With the coming of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, we muse over the vast amount of possibilities the show could end. Join us as we attempt to crack the code that George R. R. Martin has set before us!

Episode 18: Moving On
March 03, 2019

With more audio issues than ever before, we’re back for another romp filled with talk about our emotions and the revelation that Ziek and Derek have dated basically the same exact girl!