In this edition of DR Radio, we cover a selection of the most controversial parts of Bill Nye’s new Netflix series about saving the world, the massive layoffs at ESPN, the elections in France and Indonesia, and we play #NTON and DR Feud. Jay also takes the reins in the latest installment of DR Recommends.
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Show Notes, April 27, 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to the April 27th edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! I am your host, Jay Friesen joined today as usual, by Hadley Heath Manning and Dr. Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where we discuss the latest in cultural topics from a distinctly Christian worldview.
We have another 5-star rated show for you today- 23 five star ratings on iTunes in fact: Sports and Christianity brought about by ESPN’s epic layoff, Bill Nye’s new, not-very-scientific show and DR Recommends brought to you buy…me. Of course we’ll have games of wit and whimsey coming out of our two sponsor breaks. Today’s being a round of NTON and…
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With that, let’s dive into some…
Quick Takes

* Fox News — In a surprising turn of events, Fox News parted ways with King of Cable Television, Bill O’Reilly. The on-air personality was easily the highest rated star, but was let go after new allegations of sexual harassment emerged. It was also made known that Fox had paid in the neighborhood of $13 Million over the years to settle other such claims against Mr. O’Reilly.
* Mr. Pence Does Not Want to Be Mr. O’Reilly – Just a week before the O’Reilly outrage (how DARE he behave inappropriately!), Vice President Mike Pence was being lampooned as a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal for having certain “rules” about his interactions with female co-workers. Sometimes called the “Billy Graham Rule,” Mr. Pence does not have dinner with female colleagues or go to parties that include alcohol without Mrs. Pence. Liberals everywhere were dumbstruck by these Puritanical notions. Guys, what do we think?
* Rubio Hypocrisy?