In this fresh edition of Dead Reckoning Radio (DR Radio), we’ll be looking at the Milo fiasco, the #resistance, the immigration EO, and more! To listen in, you can use the player below or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Android. We have included the show notes below so you can follow along and check our sources.

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Show Notes
February 21, 2017
Hello everyone and welcome to a super-fresh edition of Dead Reckoning Radio! So fresh, in fact we’re live on Facebook. Today is February 20th. I am Jay Friesen and I’m here as expected with Hadley Heath Manning- whose callsign is now officially “Whiplash.” and Dr. Brian G. Mattson- whose callsign varies from day today. We are so stoked to be back with you. I had calls and texts and messages all through the holidays…and January asking where we were, people needing their fix, we are a drug. The Opium of the people! Actually, it just made me learn not give me contact info out to fans.
And we do have lots of fans. Lots and lots of amazing fans joining us live as well as on our podcast. You can subscribe to our 5 star rated podcast- second year in a row by the way- at You can also follow us on our various social mediums and even send us a donation because you love us right? One of the reasons we’re not daily is because we have day jobs, this is a labor of love but the good news is that Dead Reckoning is a 501c3. So your donations are tax deductible and you can do that very easily on our secure website with a credit or debit card.
Also supporting our show is our very wonderful sponsors. Today’s sponsor is Alliance Defending Freedom- Defending your right to freely live out your faith! Regardless of what you believe. You can find out more at
It’s awesome to be back but with so much having happened since our last show, what are we talking about exactly today. We format our show into four different segments, Quick Takes- things not really worthy of a full segment followed by three full segments of topics worthy of deeper discussion. After most segments we take a break to hear from our sponsors and come back with a game!
And today’s topics include: the concern and consequences of today’s “broken amplifier” political discussions, Besty DeVille…I mean, DeVos and her desire to harvest the hides of children everywhere and immigration! The discussion of the times. We have a classic game of Nerd v. Nerd coming
Quick Takes

Our Very Own Hadley was named Number 3 on NewsMax’s “30 Influential Conservatives Under 30” list! Woohoo! Hadley, give us an acceptance speech!

Jay’s been trying to close on his new house and tooling up a new production company. Hence, some of our delay… (Tell us about it!)