Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio! In this episode we will be looking at the Cubs win, the Jen Hatmaker controversy, Obamacare, Physician-assisted suicide, new Clinton email revelations, and the joys of championship-level chess.
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Welcome to Dead Reckoning Radio. We are Live! I’m your host, Jay Friesen. Joined around this old door-turned-table table, Hadley “We-hope-she-likes-DR-better-than-major-media appearances” Heath and Dr. “So-overwhelmed-with-life-he-forgot-about-Dead-Reckoning” Brian G. Mattson. DR Radio is where the three of us, mostly the two of them, intelligently discuss those critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective.
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Today’s show is no exception to five-star content! We have three major topics, two breaks, a couple games and some quick takes. Our major topics today include: The FBI’s re-opening of Hillary’s email problems, and why is our culture so obsessed with being able to kill people? Why is it perceived as more compassionate to “allow” someone to die rather than to care for them as a community? We’ll be looking at the birth of new assisted suicide laws across the country. And Brian will be closing our show trying to make a case why a match between two chess grandmasters is even remotely interesting to us.
As usual we will be having games of wit and whimsey and we’ll hear from our sponsor as well. Today’s sponsor is Alliance Defending Freedom: defending your right to freely live out your faith. Visit them at www.adflegal.org to find out the latest in defense of religious freedom, sanctity of life and marriage. And be sure to thank them for supporting us!
Let’s get started:
Quick Takes

* Cubs Win!

The Billy Goat curse is finally lifted! After a World Series drought of ONE HUNDRED EIGHT YEARS, the Chicago northsiders, clinched victory over the Cleveland Indians last night in a wild game 7. They treated their fans, of course, to a collective heart attack when they coughed up their four-run lead in the 8th inning and it looked like they would once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

* Hatmaker on the Hotseat!

Popular Christian author Jen Hatmaker had all of her books pulled from the largest Christian bookstore retailer because she openly endorsed same-sex relationships. It’s a now-familiar scene: author takes a controversial stand; people are outraged; author whines about how mean everybody is; the usual suspects circle the wagons around their tribes, and on and on it goes.

* The ACA DeathSpiral?