Facebook Ad Success
I started a business page for mynorthwest Indiana real estate (http://facebook.com/buynwi) business. I added content to it, invited friends and prayed that it would grow, and it did in drips and drabs. I decided one day to start buying ads, and I am seeing some real success.

Here is what I am doing:

* $5/day budget - been seeing 3 to 7 "likes" a day
* did my first promoted post - saw a jump today of 8 to 10 "likes"

I know these are just "likes", but soon they will be leads. I think I just got another episode ideas - "Turning Likes into Leads"

Here is what else I am doing:

* I am updating often - at least, one time a day
* sticking the topic and staying on top of industry news
* when I do post - I try to post at certain times of the day like early AM, late AM and mid-to-late afternoon
* almost always use a picture or some sort of visual

the tool that I find most useful is called SnagIt! from Jing
List Building
One of my 2013 goals is to build a list for both DaveWoodson.com and BuyNWi.net. I am toying with several applications to use on Facebook. I will be on a list building mission for the rest of the year and as long as I own a business.

more on list building in the weeks and months to come.