Earlier in the week, I posted my goals for 2013 (http://davewoodson.com/2013-here-i-come/), but here is a quick rehash of those

My Goals for 2013

* lose weight. My goal weight is 225lbs.

action items: a. drink more water (since Wednesday, I have already downed 2.5 gallons)(http://davewoodson.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/davecast1-300x215.jpg)

b. I am doing the Challenge from Body by Vi (http://90Dave.com) I know I did this before, but I was not very serious about it

c.  workout like a madman. I use to consider weightlifting a hobby. I got away from that - No More

2. more video and podcasting: up to 1 a week for each

3. Speaking: Speaking is something that I have always enjoyed, and I am going out of my way to do more in 213, and my video and podcasting will help with that

4. My BHAG (big hair audacious goal) A BMW. I have always wanted a luxury car and 2013 is my year to buy it

My Business and Online predictions for 2013

* Google+ will hit it's stride with both local and communities
* Local on mobile will continue to grow, I mean EXPLODE
* Video will continue to increase in popularity and small business will jump on in record numbers

- One thing, I am playing with are ads on my own videos on the real estate front

4. Podcasting will see new and continued growth

I know not many of these are earth shattering nor am I really stepping out on a ledge here, but I am still seeing some of these growing slowly and will become more popular in the new year and for years to come.

Have a great 2013