The Daily Grind Business Podcast

The Daily Grind Business Podcast

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Ep #401: Brand Development and Marketing with Benjamin Shapiro
August 21, 2019

Who is Benjamin? Benjamin Shapiro is a brand development & marketing strategy consultant. He left a successful career in business development at eBay to become an entrepreneur that has run a bootstrapped startup, multiple marketing teams at early-stage

Ep #400: The Impact Method with Sarah Olivieri
August 20, 2019

Sarah Olivieri is a nonprofit strategist with a passion for helping organizations thrive in the digital age. The founder of PivotGround, Sarah helps human-service nonprofits increase capacity, deliver better programming, attract more funding, and make the

Ep #399: Living Your Dream with Xavier Brown
August 19, 2019

Xavier is a Professional Sports Performance Trainer that specializes in basketball performance. He has worked with high-level college, and professional athletes, including Julian Newman of Prodigy Prep. Xavier has been training since 2015 and is currently

Ep #398: Fear, Energy, Confidence and Getting What You Want
August 15, 2019

Today, we talk about fear. Not how you think. We talk about how your perception controls your fear and fear controls your setting.

Ep #397: Healthy Eaters, You’re Welcome! with Krishna Kaliannan
August 14, 2019

Krishna Kaliannan has never run from anything, including a life-altering diagnosis. After managing Type 1 diabetes for years, he was frustrated with a lack of healthy breakfast options and decided to do something about it. As Founder of Catalina Crunch, K

Ep #396: Maximize Your Time with Trivinia Barber
August 13, 2019

Trivinia Barber is a straight shooter who uses her talents to help entrepreneurs maximize their time by effectively outsourcing. Founder/Owner of Priority VA, host of Diary of a Doer and mom of 4, Trivinia has mastered delegation and teaches others how to

Ep #395: Let’s Go #PlasticNeutral with Svanika Balasubramanian
August 12, 2019

Svanika Balasubramanian is the founder of rePurpose Global, a social enterprise building a community of conscious consumers, workplaces, and brands going #PlasticNeutral. rePurpose is building one of the world’s first plastic credit platforms with the g

EP Replay: Stop Trading Time For Money
August 08, 2019

rowing up and starting to work, I remember my first job paying me $7.50/hour. At the time, that is all you know, because that is all that is taught. You work and get paid for your time. As you get older, you get paid more based on the job and work and so

Ep #394: Outsourcing The Right Way with John Jonas
August 07, 2019

John has helped thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their business by doing outsourcing differently. He created and runs, the largest website for finding Filipino virtual workers, with over 500,000 Filipino resumes and over 100,000 employe

Ep #393: ClickMinded with Tommy Griffith
August 06, 2019

Tommy Griffith has been doing search engine optimization for more than 10 years. He previously managed SEO at PayPal and Airbnb, and now runs ClickMinded, a digital marketing training platform for marketers and entrepreneurs. Tommy started ClickMinded as