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Which Bike Should I Get? Carbon or Titanium


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Victor Jimenez, Darryl Kotyk

Description: The show that makes you a better cyclist

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Which Bike Should I Get? Carbon or Titanium

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Carbon or Titanium

This quick tip is about selecting a new carbon or titanium frame

What are the properties of each

Why would anyone select one over the other.

But isn't Ti heavier?

Learn how to properly care for your high end Carbon bike...

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Making Adjustments to Your Bike

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Like most things in life, we tend not to make too many adjustments and like to go through with something that is familiar and comfortable.

Well, we all know that Darryl likes to shake things up....but does his rebel attitude apply to his bike?  Tune into this quick tip where he talks about getting...

Keeping your Bike Clean

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Are you damaging your bike by cleaning it the wrong way?

In this tip Victor talks about the common mistakes that people make when cleaning their bikes.

Why wiping your bike down many not be enough

How to wash your bike

Why the wrong detergent can ruin finishes and damage components.


Cycling 4000 miles in 39 days

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In July 2014, Angie Tan became the first Southeast Asian female to cycle 4,000 miles across America in 39 days.  We found this story so amazing, that we had to have her on the show to talk more about this cycling adventure...

Finding Time

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We all struggle with making enough time to ride. In this tip Victor give you a few ideas on how to find time.

You actually have more time than you think...

Visualization and Cycling

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We brought in Mental Skills Coach, Carrie Cheadle for this episode so she could share her expertise on visualization.

Not only can visualization improve your performance on the bike, but it can help you achieve things in all areas of your life...

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