Show Notes: Facebook: Twitter: -----   After a long week in Los Angeles ten a week to recover and regroup we're back in action! I drug the recording gear with me all the way across the country (by plan, don't be crazy) and managed to get Liz back on the mic with me in person to discuss what activism is and how we can do it. BEING AN ACTIVIST Anything you do to promote the movement to being plant based for the planet, your health, or the animals is an act of activism. For some it's sharing recipes and for others it's leafleting a college campus or being an investigator for an animal rights organization. The important that is to find what's fits you, your temperament, and makes the impact on others you want to me. Liz and I dig into how each of us (and you) do a lot by doing a little. We also expand on how you can do more if you feel what you've done so far isn't quite enough. If you want more information on how you can be more active and help promote the cause reach out to us at our contact page. ----- Check out the store: Support the show: Grab a book with Audible: Start shopping at Thrive Market: