Show Notes: Facebook: Twitter: ----- I spent the new year's at my parents house this year. As I grazed on some buffalo cauliflower, red pepper hummus, and the guacamole I brought I glanced that the television from time to time. My parents always have the "rockin' new year's eve" on so the night was full mostly of pop singers. Near midnight I caught a glimpse of Mariah Carey performing. I noticed she was lip syncing but that's not what caught me off guard. It was obvious she was having technical issue. Even more obvious, she wasn't taking the malfunctions very well. She was visually shaken, frustrated, and action out toward the staff. The next day the internet was abuzz about this performance I saw another video, this one of Adele. In this video, all the audio caught out on her mid song. For a split second she was taken off guard, as we all would be, but she quickly snapped back into her song (with some audience participation) and let the professionals running the show do their jobs. The sound quickly came back before the song was complete. Aside from the lack of audio, you would never know things were awry.  I found it interesting how to professionals in their field not only reacting to an unexpected moment but how the openly treated the staff there to assist with problem and ensure a smooth performance. This lead me to ask how I handle these moments. UNEXPECTED MOMENTS Liz Quick my friend and coworker at Mercy For Animals joined me as a guest host. We have very different jobs and responsibilities but both are ripe with unexpected moments. She was gracious enough to sit with me and chat about how she handles life distractions and what we can learn from Mariah's and Adele's attitudes. Remember guys: Feelings are just temporary visitors. (You'll understand this more throughout the show) ----- Check out the store: Support the show: Grab a book with Audible: Start shopping at Thrive Market: