I write these show notes with tears in my eyes.  I have done this show for two years and I have never been more proud to present a guest as I am for this show.  I met a young Latino man at the Philadelphia Free Library one night.  I was asked to go by another man I deeply respect.  Little did I know just what this man would come to mean to me.  He is an inspiration, he is a model to emulate, he is a healer, and, in my humble opinion, he is the best of the best! Captain Luis Carlos Montalván is an author.  Yet, he is much more!  He is a healer.  He takes the wounds we do not understand and often feel isolated as a result, and gives them reason.  His highly acclaimed book, Until Tuesday, is taking this nation by their hearts strings.  It is a story of love.  Not between a man and a woman but between a man and his dog.  Yet, this relationship is more deep and loving then many relationships I have seen as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Captain Montalvan is a Veteran of the Iraq war.  He reveals his experiences in the war but more, his is a story of a Veteran in this nation after returning from war. I cried, I smiled, but most of all I feel whole.  I now know my injuries are not unique to me.  Thank you Captain Montalvan.  As a proud member of Latin American Post 840, American Legion, I salute you.  I am humbled and immensely proud to call you friend!