Before you check your wireless email for the fourth time this hour, ask yourself, is this helping you get further ahead? This podcast is based on my book entitled Cool Down: Getting Further by Going Slower, published by John Wiley and Sons, which challenges our modern addiction to high-speed activity, especially email and event-to-event thinking.

People are getting locked inside a loop of surface-level urgencies and are losing the ability to connect creatively with mentors, clients, even their managers. Working days are getting longer, and the separation between work and life is eroding. This, I call, “death-in-harness.”

Cool Down takes a look at the Slow movement that is catching on in Japan and Europe, and asks whether it could possibly take root here, and indeed whether it even should. He takes the concept of “Slow” apart and rebuilds it, using terms, case studies and common sense segments that demonstrate clearly that to get further ahead faster, people do actually need to cool down.