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My Child Hits Me
August 14, 2019

Your child is escalating quickly and you have a pretty good idea where this is headed. You know the scenario...the anger turns to screaming, which then becomes a full-blown tantrum.  Pretty soon your child hits YOU. -

My Tween Wants to Quit Music Lessons
August 06, 2019

“I don’t WANT to practice my trumpet.” “My piano teacher is mean!” “I don’t have time to practice with all this homework. I want to quit!”  Sound familiar? - In today’s podcast, Stacy Bellward and Jim Jackson interview Chad Hayenga,

My Child Lies to Me
July 31, 2019

Your child has just told you something you are pretty sure is not truthful.  What should you do? Do you call them out on it? Should there a serious consequence?  - In today’s podcast episode Stacy Bellward and Jim Jackson interview Chad Hayenga,

My Child Says, “I Hate You!”
July 24, 2019

Words are powerful.  We can so easily take it personally when we hear hurtful words from our children like,  “I HATE YOU!” But instead of reacting in frustration and anger, we encourage you to look below the surface.

My Kids Won’t Do Their Chores Without My Nagging
July 17, 2019

Have you ever wondered, "My child can’t manage to even take the garbage out. How will she ever survive in adulthood?" Or, maybe it sounds more like, "I do so much for these kids. Why can’t they do a few simple things to help out?!" -

My Kids Fight All the Time!
July 10, 2019

It’s summer and the kids are home from school. Is the constant fighting and bickering more than you can take?  - This week we welcome Lynne Jackson, parent coach and co-founder of Connected Families. She brings stories and practical solutions you can ...

I Feel Overwhelmed and Hopeless
July 03, 2019

Parenting is hard. It takes everything we have...and then some. What happens when we get to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed and hopeless? On this Connected Families Podcast episode, we discuss these overwhelmed feelings, pull them apart,

My Child Won’t Get Off Screens
June 26, 2019

SCREEN TIME!!! It’s a persistent battle in almost every home. And it is one of the questions we receive most frequently. What should you do when your child constantly asks you for screen time?  And more screen time?

My Child Won’t Calm Down
June 19, 2019

“My child won't calm down!” - Have you ever said these words? Perhaps even this morning? ;-) On this Connected Families Podcast episode we discuss this relevant parenting concern and provide steps that you can take to move forward with grace an...

Connected Families Podcast
May 21, 2019

Welcome to the Connected Families Podcast! We are committed to bringing you content that will challenge, encourage, and equip you to be the thoughtful and confident parent you long to be.  Beginning June 19th,