How do you know what you’re getting and how do you know what you’re paying for? In this episode of Breaking Barriers, managed services experts Charles Love and Joshua Smith talk about how to identify invoice oversights and get the most out of your vendor invoices.

“How do we get what we’re paying for and ensure we’re leveraging it properly?” Smith said. From both the vendor and the MSP angles, Love and Smith talk about how to avoid overpaying, cancel options you’re not using and ways to stop leaving money on the table.

They use partnerships as an illustration of unused benefits: Your partners probably offer shipping or travel discounts that you’re not taking advantage of, or deal registrations that would save you money. CompTIA’s Premier Membership, for example, includes discounts on shipping, rental cars and insurance — stuff companies use every day.

Listen to the episode and learn how to turn the magnifying glass back on yourself to identify invoice oversights. Stay tuned for tips on ways you can leverage automation to set reminders and save even more.