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Common Ground Football Podcast

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064 : That’s a Nice Shirt
July 31, 2019

The preseason rolls on! Andrew gives an update on Zeke and Dak contract situations, who is standing out in practice, and what is Jerry Jones blabbing about now? Meanwhile, the injury situation in Seattle continues to worry Bryan but there are plenty of...

July 24, 2019

The guys make their triumphant return having conquered their break from the world of football. Training camp is upon us and Andrew takes us through his thoughts on Cowboy’s camp, while Bryan goes over the drama already unfolding at Seahawk’s camp.

062 : But Wait, There’s More!
May 01, 2019

Our 2019 NFL Draft recap show! Andrew returns to discuss how his Cowboys did in the draft, and Bryan looks at how the Seahawks went from 4 picks to 11 picks, and the guys that got those spots. The teams are now loaded up for the next step towards the n...

061 : We All Make Choices
April 24, 2019

Draft week is here! The offseason is full of choices. Who to pay, who not to pay, and this week…who to draft to be your next star? The Seahawks made some choices last week and a big one this week. Frank Clark is traded and Bryan has some thoughts.

060 : Show Me the Money!!!
April 19, 2019

The guys are finally together again and there is lots to catch up on. The biggest topic…Russell Wilson, his deadline, and getting the big contract he wanted. How does that affect Dak’s future extension? What does it mean for Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner,

059 : Deadlines & Paychecks ft. Dennis From Ohio (Dennis Alstad)
April 03, 2019

Bryan is all alone for this one, or is he? The one and only #DennisFromOhio jumps on and makes his debut on the podcast. Dennis talks about his Niners, gives his take on the Russell Wilson deadline and potential contract,

058 : Spring Is Here!
March 27, 2019

Winter is over! Spring has arrived and we are that much closer to football. Well, let’s be honest, we are a long ways away from football but there are still things happening. The guys get caught up on Free Agency moves that have happened since the last...

057 : Legal Tampering
March 13, 2019

One of the busiest weeks of the offseason is upon us. The new league year starts today but the legal tampering period is already going and it has been everything but quiet. The guys discuss the impact to moves in Seattle and Dallas and how both teams h...

056 : Just a Bit Lower
March 06, 2019

After a two week break, the guys return to go over all the offseason happenings in Seattle and Dallas. The franchise tag deadline has come and gone, and both teams use it on Defensive Ends. In other weirdly similar news,

055 : Feels Like Forever
February 13, 2019

Has it seriously only been 10 days since the Super Bowl? Feels like we have been without NFL Football for way longer. Luckily, we have the debut of the AAF to get us through the dark times. We discuss this new league,