Parrots have gone a bit quiet since pirates have gone. #KarlPilkington #quotes
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Just the Laugh alone makes this worth it. You will either be thoroughly annoyed, or pleasantly entertained.
Either way, you’re welcome

Karl Pilkington feeding a lizard hobnobs and singing 'Just Can't Get Enough', whilst in Mexico has to be one of the greatest TV moments ever
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"People who live in a glass house have to answer the door" – the legend Karl Pilkington
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A countdown of karl pilkingtons stupid quotes.
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Question by Madison: What is your favorite Twilight quotes and your favorite book?
I was just wondering. I love what you all have to say. I also love all the twilight quotes they are so romantic.
Best answer:
Answer by angels_rcute
my fave quote:
“and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”
i love that quote!! its just so adorable!!!
fave book:
breaking dawn.
i love the story, and it has the most action and things going on.
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To Be Continued? GIR QUOTES 75 TIMES Update….. I never knew this would catch on! Xbox Live WILL NOT HOLD ANYMORE INVITES. IF you’re interested in Steam pm …
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