🍃 How do we all approach our EDD, I am sure most of us coming on and past this time find the upwelling of anxiety, talk of inductions, cesarian sections and missed out opportunities for home birth. Also the feeling of being ‘over it’ is common, first time mothers may find this unbearable and then all of a sudden you can slip into to major worry. Step in Jessica! This episode is so so inspiring! Have a look at what the 40 to 44 weeks look like, see how Jessica truly went within and used the guidance from her midwife and hospital staff to make sure she and baby were on common agreement that the time will come.
First we talk about Jessica’s first birth experience, talks about a very intense induction experience that was 10 days after her due date. Jessica after this birth went through postnatal depression and also took her at least 6 months to bond with her first born. This experience guided Jessica into more birth options heading towards her next pregnancy. Jessica decided that home birth would be the best option for her and the family so with her next baby she birthed at home at 41 weeks. Her next birth saw a 1.5 hour labour at home at 42 weeks. Can you see something forming here?
Jessica in the first trimester went through some horrific morning sickness and was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravardium not much worked, she had to basically ride it out, Jessica described loosing 9 kg in the first trimester. Jessica at 32 weeks had a lovely blessing way which was all about the mother and nurturing her into her pregnancy journey and into her birth. She had some really cool things done for her including beads, affirmations and massage and collective wisdom of wise women!
40 weeks arrived and so did the school holidays, Jessica somewhat knew that she was not going into birth anytime soon, and the school holidays was a very inward time, especially for the randoms that love to ask when the baby is coming. So 42 weeks come also and Jessica was still very much in the ready when you are time, walks on the beach and constant chat with her ‘belly dweller’.

43 weeks and Jessica suddenly woke with a few ‘why’s’ – Why am I still pregnant, Im still trusting but this is no good! Jessica was feeling massive, bladder was aching and she was ready to have a few ‘tanty’s’! . Jessica describes it the more you remove the attachment of my fault, my body does not work etc etc the gentler the experience can be on your body. Jessica had a biophysical profile done during this time, this was suggested by her midwife, the results were great. No signs of distress, no loss of fluid. Jessica decided to get a photo printed and put this on the side of the birth pool. She consented to a stretch and sweep coming onto the 44 week mark. This increased the Braxton hick type contractions for a brief amount of time, however was not really bringing anything on. She was visiting the chiropractor every second day and she found that there was this point at 44 weeks that she was really over it all and decided that she needed to ‘Just be with it’.
Jessica woke in the morning at 44 weeks, she had a rock hard belly and was really now over being pregnant! She had this day where her partner went grocery shopping with the kids, she met a friend and had a good little cry about everything that was coming up. After this she felt very calm and ready to birth her baby, sounds like a big release happened. On the way home her midwife phoned and told her the hospital would not give her a elective cesarian and they wanted her to come in and have an induction with her waters being broken, now if you can remember this is birth trauma about to be triggered. Jessica decided this was not safe for her. So enter the midwife with what could be one last draw card Clary Sage oil. The midwife arrived that afternoon and rubbed a considerable amount of the clary sage.