PART 2 🎙 of this amazing conversation on birth, anthropology and how in awe Robin Grille is of the birth of his daughter 🌿
We continue the conversation on the history of the rise of the patriarchal society and how this in Robins research has affected the outline for birth and what that means for all of us as a society. So we carry on with healing and birth trauma. What does this mean to have had a traumatic birth? What avenues can we go to for prevention rather than cure? We discuss all of this and what the big gap may be.. Elder males? Where are they, how can fathers and male birth partners access these, to help heal or acknowledge their own birth story before entering into fatherhood? This is a big question hanging over the males in the birth process. When you look at the nature of birth and how this has evolved we have only recently seen males enter the birth space, so, is it time we embraced males in the space and how we collectively heal their perceptions and engagement of birth?
So we are back to the lounge room again of the birth of Robins daughter.. We talk about the animals present at the birth. We get into the birth story and the awe that Robin talks about witnessing such an event. Bored cats laying around looking very regal and not interested. Then the one eyed kookaburra reminded Robin to not take this so seriously, then the possum walking by really showed the ordinary nature of birth and our connectivity with the animals. Just another day thats all part of the music of life.

Carry on with this conversation we take a ride on how we interpret birth and the flow that this has onto our parenting. We talk language in birth, scientific, emotional language. Robin describes here about our instinct and taking advice in pregnancy. We talk about breastfeeding and how this was robbed from women, well marketed history of the formula companies created such a divide between breastfeeding and formula feeding. We talk about the muddled area of breastfeeding and the perception that breastfeeding consultants are labeled and thought to be against formula, and how formula feeders are labeled as many other things that are not useful or supportive to mothers. We talk about the guilt and the burden of this we carry as mothers, parents. There seems sometimes that there is no middle ground here, left right, its hard to find your place without some sense of guilt. We are still in the darkness sometimes especially when seeking advice for breastfeeding without the barrage of separation from our maternal supportive world..
We finish up talking about Robins latest book Heart to Heart Parenting. Talking connectivity, love in a community and what it seems we all strive for ‘happiness’. The podcast over these two episodes really shows how right from the moment of our own birth, our journey is being imprinted and played out into the birth of our children and our parenting. From listening to Robin talk I feel I really sat with so many things, yet the great feeling of feeling connected and a part of something or someone. Feeling held, wanted and having advice and guidance from elder folk that can drive communities nurturing young people into parenting and beyond.
From Robin-
“Looking at this bored cat during my daughters birth, I got reminded about the sublime ordinariness of birth and how it’s not I its us – it’s the while story of humanity and connectivity with our non human counterparts”. 
“Give childbirth back to women, it will literally transform the way society works”. 
“Parenting it’s a dance, there is no military order, it’s ok, yet we do need elders to hold that space and talk us though it.”