CinemaJaw 233, Best Vegas Movies w/guest Jimmy Greenfield


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Description: The Greatest Movies Podcast Ever

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CinemaJaw 233, Best Vegas Movies w/guest Jimmy Greenfield

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CinemaJaw 241, Best Movie-going Experiences w/guest Matt Pais

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Reviewed This Episode: Jurassic World, Inside Out

Interested or Ignore: Ted 2

Trivia: Talking Animal Movie Trivia 

CinemaWAR: Is Bryce Dallas Howard a leading lady now after Jurassic World?

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CinemaJaw 240, Festival Darlings w/guest Jordon Hodges

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Reviewed This Episode: Spy

Interested or Ignore: Inside Out

Trivia: Pixar Movie Trivia

CinemaWAR: Is Cameron Crowe finished?  

Sponsored by: Moviepass, Sarantos, Blue Collar Glomeration

Many movies come out of the festival circuit. It's almost like our minor league, if you will. Some films get ch...

CinemaJaw 239, Best Survival Movies w/guest Max Brooks

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Reviewed This Episode: Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Interested or Ignore: Jurassic World

Trivia: Jurassic Park Movie Trivia

CinemaWAR: Who is the bigger star Tom Hardy or Chris Pratt? 

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CinemaJaw 238, Movies About Hollywood w/guest Jensen Karp

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Reviewed This Episode: Tomorrowland

Interested or Ignore: Spy

Trivia: Cameron Crowe Movie Trivia

CinemaWAR: Which is the better rapper turned actor Mark Wahlberg or Will Smith?

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CinemaJaw Supersode 1 – Happy 35th Birthday Pac-Man, Our Top Video Game Movies and More!

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This is a special episode.

In honor of Pac-Man turning 35 today, we are celebrating and stitching together our best video game related content of the past five years!

You will hear an interview with a man who made what is arguably one of the best video game movies of all time, Tron himself, Mr...

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