Steven Soderbergh says he's retiring and this movie will be his last for the big screen. Does he go out on a high note? Andrew and Monica give their thoughts on the psychological thriller.

NOTE: This episode is not split into the usual two parts. Both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled discussions occur.


0:06 - What happened to Part 2 of Episode #35

2:31 - Intro and clip

5:32 - General spoiler-free thoughts

9:21 - Spoiler section: Switching perspective

12:06 - Critique of the medical system

13:46 - The issue of intent, the ending

16:28 - Pulling a Hitchcock, playing with genre

23:59 - Editing and cinematography

26:04 - Thoughts on Soderbergh's retirement

29:05 - Show close

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