The Half Ashed Cigar Podcast

The Half Ashed Cigar Podcast

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Episode 194: Host’s Choice
May 31, 2019

Tonight, we'd planned something different but for reasons outside our control we opted to go with a Host's Choice night, wherein we select something to share and chat about....

Episode 193: Tatuaje Black Petit Lancero
May 01, 2019

This smoke is a legendary offering from Pete Johnson. Initially released in 2008 to commemorate a peso cigar smoked on a trip to cuba, they are said to be rustic, bold and a fashioned after a cuban cigar that is completely opposite that available for r...

Episode 192: Unbanded from Dan C
May 01, 2019

Unbanded - 4-⅜”x50 by direct measurement. “Washed out”, matte brown wrapper. Very little cap. A completely different “tobacco” aroma; I can tell it’s tobacco but it doesn’t smell like cigar. Almost aromatic or cured despite being faint.

Episode 191: Ramon Bueso Olancho Vintage
March 30, 2019

Forum member AKPreacher supplied this episode's featured cigar, the Ramon Bueso Olancho Vintage

Episode 190: Unbanded MF 2
March 29, 2019

Precious little detail as always on our Unbandeds. This one is roughly 4-¾”x(34/47; somewhat pressed ) and has a true to life pig tail

Episode 189: El Titan de Bronze
March 29, 2019

Tonight we’re smoking the Sungrown version of the Redemption line out of El Titan de Bronze in Miami. Let’s see how it goes….

Episode 188: My Father LE 2010
February 01, 2019

Tonight we're smoking the incredibly well constructed, beautifully presented My Father LE 2010. Tune in to see how it goes...

Episode 187: Asylum Ogre 7×70
February 01, 2019

The Asylum Ogre 7” x 70, a behemoth of a cigar featuring a Habano/Candela (Nicaragua) barber pole wrap over Nicaraguan components.

Half Ashed 186: Unbanded 036
November 30, 2018

This week we're smoking Unbanded 036 submitted by zedman.  I have to apologize for the fact that my audio was atrocious due to some unforeseen technical troubles.  Hopefully that will not persist, nor be too annoying for you. 

Half Ashed 185: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Mi Querida
October 31, 2018

Mi Querida literally translates as “my dearest”, however it is a rather provocative word within Nicaragua used to expressly describe your secret mistress. While this may sound like an oxymoron, it is not. It is not uncommon