Yan & Lee are a couple living in China who's motto is live how you want to live. A plant base married couple living in China with a specific goal in mind, to live debt free. They both graduated from college but had a hard time finding jobs. So they decided to take matters into their own hands. They quit their government jobs in 2012, sold everything, toured Europe where they got engaged in Paris, then moved to China. They've been living in China since November of 2015 grinding and stacking their money, planning, investing, and educating themselves. With the hopes of becoming debt free by the end of 2019.As of now, they have paid $35,000 in debt since being abroad.Their whole brand Sice Your Life is based on the premise of living your life the way you want to live it. They don’t put themselves in a box. In this episode, they reflect on their relationship, their time abroad and how much the journey has been a blessing for them. Sometimes with some relationships moving abroad together could either bring you closer or further away.In this episode, you’ll be inspired by the following:1. Moving abroad will change your life.2. Do it now before something big happens in your life that prevents you from moving abroad and making that dream come true.3. You can meet people when you travel, you don’t have to wait for anyone. You can build friends and relationships abroad.Want to see what Yan & Lee are up to? Check them out on the following media platforms:Instagram @SiceYourLifeYouTube @SiceYourLifeTwitter @SiceYourLifeSo tune in!Share this post with someone who you think will benefit from it.Before you go…If you’ve ever thought about moving abroad because you’re in need of a change, maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled, maybe you know there’s something more for your life but you’re just not sure.So you might be feeling overwhelmed unsure where or how to start. Maybe you have more questions than answers. We created this webinar From Novice To Nomad: The Ultimate Blueprint To Moving Abroad just for you. Watch the webinar.And subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive stuff.Follow us on social media: | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Join our Facebook Tribe