Ep 81 - “Spring Cleaning”
In this episode we talk all about our CUE experiences and Spring Break! Plus, we talked about the ChromeOS tablet a bit about the Apple EDU event. And Also, great people, great programs and great times!
We went over some tools like:
Just a Line
Chromebook Crisis! By @mrlosik
Book Creator (now on the web)
Santiago Inc.
Oregon trail Handheld $25

Gripe Moments:

  1. Zencastr drifting

  2. Padlet’s announcement

  3. Brent Warner’s padlet about your thoughts about padlet. https://padlet.com/brent_g_warner/Padlet4ED

  4. TeachCast: https://www.teachercast.net/padlet-podcast-2018/

  5. People on Twitter changing their name to new fonts

  6. Google removing the “view image”

  7. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/02/internet-rages-after-google-removes-view-image-button-bowing-to-getty/

  8. It's time to break up with VR.

  9. Boston Dynamics robots are scaring the crap out of me

  10. How to battle them back? Bananas!


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