We are back with "Zengeance"!  This episode we are trying the new medium of Zencastr.com.  Seem very cool sorry far for podcasting!  Anyways, this episode we covered what we have been up to.  Brian share about the amazing and sold out conference of CapCUE.  Ryan share the Check This Out Minute again, make sure you call us at 916-365-2770 and leave us a 3 minute tech nugget we can check out. Ryan also gave us his update of Google Innovator application.

And here is our check this out moments...

Google Tilt Brush
Zombie Hunter
9 Video Tools to use to tell a story
Allo / Duo
Raspberry Pi OS Update
Sports Apps To Check Out Too!

On our playlist, Brian is listening to Leo Covers of heavy metal version of Let It Go and the Podcast by Michael Ian Black, How to be Amazing.

Ryan shared Malcom Gladwell Revisionist History Podcast.

Some Great things to... Check Out!

You can find all our show notes on our site: checkthisoutsite.weebly.com