What Have We Been Up To…

For this lovely Monday we shared what we have been up to. We described our upcoming event, the CapCUE Techfest, and what to expect and some people to check out! Ryan stumbled upon the sports update of his alma mater, UNR Football team, and their recap of their game against Cal Poly but  something didn't look right.  It seems it was written by a computer based on context and algorithms. This is something we heard on an episode of TWIT by Leo Laporte, computer generated news briefs. Also, we learned that Ryan applied for the Google Innovators program that will be announced for their Toronto cohort tomorrow, so send your positive vibes his way!  Take a look at the updates on our site Check This Site Out and see what we have added.  It had a much needed makeover so make sure you visit Check This Site Out dot Weebly dot com. We shared the success of our new Check This Out Minute of our show and how enjoyable that has been.

And for our Check This Out moments…


SB Nation: Nevada vs Cal Poly (Computer generated...I hope) But who wrote it?


Shuffle Mee

New Google Sites vs Weebly

Here is my Rocklin PD page made in Google Sites (We shared our thoughts on the new google sites)

What we are listening to this week…

Spotify Ska Flashback and some podcasts to check out:

Yo! Check This Out (not so much to check out, just their name of the podcast)

We’re Alive

Trump Cast by Slate

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