Check This Out
This episode marks a new chapter in the life of Check This Out.  We welcome the 2000’s again with using Skype as the medium as recording since we had to say goodbye to Blab and soon Google Hangouts.  Waaaaa.  Also introduced a new addition the is the Check This Out Minute! Jon Corippo got the ball rolling and set the bar for the rest to follow.  We also talked about a hidden easter egg in this episode with our usual educational banter.

Our Check This Out moments:

  • Osmo Monster, and interactive activity/addon to the iPad to let users interact with a cartoon monster on the screen.

  • Embedding Google docs into other places like websites with the publish to the web feature.

  • PD Idea - Not for teachers, but an opportunity for students!

The new Google Sites, we shared what we liked and disliked but both are jumping in! Much better than the “New” Coke.

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U2 live on YouTube
John Spencer’s Blog with the John Spencer’s Podcast


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