Bible Passages: Mark 1:35, Lamentations 3:22 & 23

Morning Sickness

It has been a long time since Julie has experienced morning sickness. However, she does remember it well. Some would say that her version was pretty mild and listening to the war stories of other moms, she would have to agree. Any form of morning sickness, however, can render it difficult to focus on the other things of life such as caring for other children, holding down a job, cooking meals, and doing just about anything – especially if it has any kind of odors associated with it or requires stamina and focus.

-And…what works for one mom doesn’t even touch the problem for another.

Join us for today’s podcast to get tried and true help for morning sickness from real-life moms who have been there and done that. The symptoms for these moms ranged from mild to pretty severe.

Tip for the Week – Clothing Dilemma – Four Solutions!

Our children who have sensory concerns struggle sometimes with wearing certain clothes. Some of them struggle with wearing any clothes. Some of them will only wear one dress – or one kind of pants – or one kind of shirt. Some have a great deal of difficulty with wearing socks and shoes.

This can be very challenging for parents.

We have some solutions for you!

· Scratchy Glove

· Fabric Rub

· Mindset

· Timer-Clothes Game

Tune in to get the details!

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