Men and women usually have very different ideas about how things should be done. This is also true as Moms and Dads raise children. When you have a child with special challenges, Moms and Dads often have unique perspectives and different ways to tackle the situation. Often these differences can cause stress on the marriage if the parents are together and lots of turbulence for couples parenting separately. It can be heart wrenching. Join us for Part Two of “Mom vs. Dad Dilemma” where Julie has a special message for the Moms.

Bible Passage:

1 Thes. 5:14-24


You are beginning to realize that something may be amiss with your child.

Sometimes your child can drive you crazy and you feel badly about that.

You are now in full pursuit or ready to be in full pursuit of finding out:

*what could be going on with your child

*what professionals you need to get involved

*the absolute best you can bring to your child to help them have every opportunity to the best they can be.

You also may be struggling with Dad's reaction to what is going on with your child

and your desire to pull out all the stops and scour the highways and byways for what and who can help your child.

You may be feeling resistance from Dad. 

· Do you feel a tension and a battle with your child's Dad to get the kind of help you want to for your child?

· Does it seem that he just doesn't see things the same way you do and he doesn't understand why you want to go to such measures?

Join us for some practical ways to work with Dad for the sake of your child.

Tip for the Day: Help Your Children Hydrate!

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