Men and women usually have very different ideas about how things should be done. This is also true as Moms and Dads raise children. When you have a child with special challenges, Moms and Dads often have unique perspectives and different ways to tackle the situation. Often these differences can cause stress on the marriage if the parents are together and lots of turbulence for couples parenting separately. It can be heart wrenching. Join us for Part One of “Mom vs. Dad Dilemma” where Tom has a special message for the Dads.

Show notes for Podcast 6 “Mom vs. Dad Dilemma - Part 1”

Bible Passage:

1 Thes. 5:16-18, 23-24


You love your family. You feel the responsibility to make sure their needs are met and work hard to make sure that happens.

You start to see differences in your child.

You are in fix-it mode and are all about getting him or her involved in activities to increase maturity.

Mom’s ideas may seem a little strange. You are a little uncomfortable with methods she introduces you to that she wants to implement to help your child.

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