When raising children, and especially those who have challenges, we often find ourselves at the end of the day feeling that we have not accomplished a thing. However when we take a closer look at how our time was actually spent, we are surprised at all that DID get done. Join us and get some ideas on steps you can take to realize your accomplishments instead of focusing on your inefficiencies or the undone task list you created. It will change your whole perspective.


Bible Passage:

Phil. 4:8

An Activity for You:

Did you hug your child today?

Did you feed your children food today?

Did you clean up after your child today?

Did you wash your child’s clothes, toys, shoes, crib, high chair,

bouncy seat, baby wrap, car seat cover, blanket, stuffed animal, pacifier,teething ring, bike, etc. today?

Did you wash your child’s face, hands, hair, feet, arms today?

Multiple times?

What ELSE have you done?

Reflect on not necessarily what was on your task list – but what you actually spent your minutes doing today.

Look back over the day and Document what you DID do!

Get detailed.

Become aware.

Get encouraged.

Get motivated.


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