Teaching our children to read can be a daunting task. Teaching a child who struggles carries its own special challenges. One method we used proved very successful to get the ball rolling and to build confidence for our kids and for countless other struggling readers. On this podcast, we share that method in detail.

Often our struggling readers get discouraged and defeated. Today we also share with you a strategic way to keep children encouraged and eager to try.

Join us for tried and true methods you can implement with a child you love.

1. Grab your child's favorite book.

2. Create a vocabulary list from words in the book.

3. Make flash cards of words from your list.

4. Flash the words in random order for 1 minute.

5. After a while, ask the child if they want to tell you the words you are flashing.

6. Keep working through all the words you have chosen.

7. Put known words in a review pile.

8. Repeat process with new group of words.

9. Once a day review reserve pile for 2 minutes

10. Highlight known words in child's favorite book.

11. Read the book together,

12. Have child read the words he or she knows.

13. Eventually have child read entire book to you.

14. Eagerly help with any words child has forgotten.

15. CELEBRATE the child's success.

Encourage your struggling reader with:

digital recordings
cue cards
stories of famous people

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