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Micheal gave up on us
August 16, 2019

This week we are talking only good things about Martin House new pickle beer. Four Loko has jumped on the hard seltzer wagon with there new berry seltzer. We continue the music talk with a new Third Eye Blind song that's not too bad. Jason and Rohde go t.

Puddle of Ray
August 01, 2019

This week Jason ordered some new Office pops that look amazing. We continue our music parts by listening to the new Puddle of Mudd and Sugar Ray songs. Katy Perry is being sued by a christian songwriter over her song Dark Horse. The new show The Boys is .

Going to see Mikes Dad
July 27, 2019

This week we have Micheal Harper on the show so you know we are going long. Rohde shares his extensive knowledge and love of K-pop and he goes to one of his favorite pizza places. Should we have cocktail beers and what are the kids of today drinking? Chr.

Entering Area 51
July 18, 2019

This week we have a bunch of amazing New Main Brewing beers to drink. The guys talk about some of the really good deals they got on Amazon Prime days. The old and probably haunted Charles Manson house goes up for sale and we talk about how much it would .

Bottle Cap Challenge
July 12, 2019

This week the boys are back at it again. Micheal gives us two brand new Casually Late episodes that are amazing. Jason tells shows us one hell of a baseball hit that would put anyone to sleep. People are kicking the lids off of bottles and Jason goes to .

Craft Seltzer?
June 27, 2019

This week your favorite recap podcast is back with Casually Late and Micheal gives the break down. Well its finally happened we get to try some hard seltzers on the show. White Claw hard seltzers released a line of flavored beverages and the guys crack t.

Father's Day
June 20, 2019

This week the boys start us off with some dad talk because it was Jasons and Rohdes first Father's Day. We jump into the new season of Black Mirror and talk about Anthony Mackies new game for two. Jason and Chris briefly talk about E3 nerd news, for reas.

Funky Picnic
June 14, 2019

This week is a big one everyone, we are coming at you live from Funky Picnic Brewery and Cafe! Jay returns to us and gives the boys some marriage counseling tips that could help any relationship. We continue to torture other people with Natty Lights stra.

Natural Lit
June 06, 2019

This week its just Jason and Chris. Wait does Rohde even exist? Jason and Chris nerd out and talk about the upcoming E3 and Googles new streaming console. Chris brings a new beer to the show that isnt half bad. Brad Pitt is in a new space movie that look.

She's Mua Queen
May 30, 2019

This week we have a extra helping of Casually Late with Harper. We talk more about Game of Thrones and who is mahh queen. Jason talks shit about his favorite actor Tom Cruise and all the terrible movies that Renée Zellweger. Natural Light drops a new sum.