Today you will see all about Google Plus communities. How over-the-top boxes (such as Roku) can change the face of your business, and some cool tools to help you become more productive.

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The Transcript
How to Use Google Plus Communities [Buzzbooster TV #61]
NASH:                        Welcome to BuzzBooster.TV.


SHAHAR:                  I’m Shahar.


NASH:                        And I’m Nash.


SHAHAR:                  And on today’s show, we’re going to show you how this little box can change the face of your business.


NASH:                        That is right.


SHAHAR:                  And a very cool think happening on Google+.


NASH:                        Very cool thing happening on Google+.


SHAHAR:                  So, let’s talk about this.


NASH:                        Let’s talk about this little box. What is it exactly, right?


SHAHAR:                  Yeah. This is called the Roku Box.


NASH:                        It’s awesome.


SHAHAR:                  It’s awesome. You can buy then in any Best Buy for $39 or so and why does it matter for your business because the moment you get this box and you hook to your TV, well, you have access hundreds of very specific channels. You have channels on your health, on your food…


NASH:                        Religious.


SHAHAR:                  Wealth.


NASH:                        Wealth.


SHAHAR:                  Marketing.


NASH:                        Travel, all kind of things.


SHAHAR:                  All thing that you can think of and they stream to you content for as long as you as you want with this box. You chose a show and you can watch all the episodes of that show whenever you want.


NASH:                        And whenever time you want.


SHAHAR:                  Sitting in your couch.


NASH:                        Let’s just say, man, I really like those two girls. I’d like to watch all of their episodes that they’ve ever done since 2008 so then you get your Roku device, you go to the Buzz and Biz Channel…


SHAHAR:                  Buzz and Biz Channel.


NASH:                        Buzz and Biz and then you open Buzz Booster TV show and you basically from day one all of the episodes of Buzz Booster TV up to now.


SHAHAR:                  Yes. Besides our show, you have other hosts with their own shows talking on business specific talk.


NASH:                        That is correct.


SHAHAR:                  Again, why does it matter for your business?


NASH:                        Why does it matter?


SHAHAR:                  Because anybody can have a show today that this can stream to traditional TV. For example…


NASH:                        In other words, you don’t have to be the super huge company with the huge budgets with the super produced studio, TV show equipment, no. Anyone can do it.


SHAHAR:                  Exactly. You don’t have to be Oprah, you don’t have to be Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz, you can be you with your knowle