Darlene from Egg Heads,

JT’s on Banksville,

Hammering Hanks,

I have to go to the Taco,

Las Palmas Rocks and Rolls,

Fizzling Fajita,

Down with the Chicken Wing,

Happy New Year Kung Fu,

Doug and Hutch from Tennessee call in,

The city used to include dog shit,

It was elastic not adhesive,

Full size candy bar for a dime,

Sal’s saga,

These people are here for the culture,

Crooked Penis,

Cabbies in New Orleans have a system,

Pirates Alley and the absinthe that wasn’t,

Thanks Bill,

Po’boys rock,

It was Canal Street,

NOPD has crowd control down pat,

The debauchery is in full effect,

Use your head’s with carry-on baggage douchebags,

No HOF love for Bettis

City of Champions survives,