BOOM!! by Cindy Joseph provides natural skincare products for women who want to reveal their beauty with an honest and realistic approach. Former makeup artist turned supermodel, Cindy Joseph created BOOM! with longtime friend Ezra Firestone after realizing there was no pro-age cosmetic line for women. Ezra joins us this week to talk about building a community as the core foundation for future E-commerce businesses.

Topics Discussed:

  • 01:30 - How Ezra went from internet marketer to E-commerce store owner

  • 04:00 - Story of Cindy Joseph's career as a fashion model at age 49

  • 06:00 - Society's perception of value in men and women

  • 07:30 - Finding a community and hitting the emotional points of a customer

  • 10:30 - Standing above the noise in the next generation of E-Commerce

  • 12:00 - Diversity of marketing channels for your online store

  • 13:00 - How to build and find a community for your online store

  • 14:30 - What is the collective experience and message of your community?

  • 16:00 - Should you build a community or product first?

  • 17:30 - Tweaking the message as you get feedback from the community

  • 21:30 - E-Commerce sales as a % of all retail in the USA

  • 24:30 - Guerrilla branding and messaging for a business

  • 25:30 - How do you reach customers when they are not on social media

  • 27:30 - PR and how to find a good PR agent

  • 31:30 - Finding your community offline and becoming the leader

  • 34:45 - The internet just makes everything more efficient

  • 35:15 - Logistics of setting up a Meetup event with your community

  • 36:30 - Managing contacts and people you meet at events

  • 38:00 - Email marketing 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

  • 40:00 - Being in constant contact with your community

  • 41:00 - How video marketing worked for BOOM by Cindy Joseph

  • 42:00 - Natural-quality video blogs without fancy production values

  • 43:30 - Converting social media traffic into sales via Facebook

  • 45:00 - Long-term viability of community-based E-commerce businesses

  • 46:30 - "Can It Be Made" v.s. "Should It Be Made?"

  • 48:30 - Platform won't be the deal breaker for a business

  • 49:00 - Conversion theory and understanding parts of the funnel

  • 50:00 - Homepage conversion tips for an E-commerce store

  • 52:00 - Google Analytics goal flow methodology and setup

  • 54:00 - E-Commerce conversion analysis case study

  • 55:00 - Should you tweak the top or bottom of the funnel?

  • 57:00 - Importance of tracking your internal website searches and product development

  • 59:00 - Website header and page conversion elements

  • 60:00 - Creating scarcity with time-based discounts on your online store

  • 61:30 - Main banners, tabbed featured products by category, and more

  • 62:00 - Media: Pictures, welcome videos, FAQ videos, quick views

  • 63:00 - Scarcity: Everything should be on sale, featured items, bundled deals

  • 65:00 - Product pages: getting rid of navigation, tabbing it up, cross-sells, Q&A plugins

  • 67:00 - "You might also like", features, benefits, security logos

  • 70:00 - Checkout page: Congruency, progress bar, shipping calculator, guarantee, trust symbol

  • 73:00 - Future of BOOM by Cindy Joseph and spreading the message


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